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Rigsgreve von Platen Hallermunds rigsvåben
Dobbelt værelses på Hotel Møllehuset


Møllehuset is located just besides the Renaissance castle Visborggaard Slot, only 10 metres from the moat which surrounds the castle. Hotel Møllehuset, which is preserved, is located 4 kilometres from Hadsund and a 12 minute drive from the tourist city of Øster Hurup. Møllehuset is incredibly scenic and you have ample opportunity to enjoy the silence, see a deer in the park or the beautiful swans by the moat. Visborggaard Slots park is the only preserved Renaissance park in Denmark, and as guests you are welcome to take a stroll in it. King Christian the Tenths white horse lies buried near the castle, and a memorial has been erected in remembrance of the horse, which the King rode as he crossed over the Danish-German border and reunited the southernmost part of Jutland with Denmark the 10th of July 1920.


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Preserved Renaissance Park
- Visborggaard Slot 
Møllehuset is neighbour to Visborggaard Castle, which is where the only preserved Renaissance park in Denmark is.
Vacationcenter Øster Hurup
- Øster Hurup
When you book a room at Møllehuset it includes free entry to the subtropical water park during opening hours. 
Visborg Church 
- Visborg


Visborg Church is a medieval church believed to have been built in the 13th century. Though it was renovated later in the 1590s.

Mariagerfjord Golfclub
- Mariager

At the golf facility you will find a mix of fjord views and forrest which gives a nature-experience without comparison. The length of the field is 5.587 metres from the yellow tee, and with the fields par at 71 it proves a challenge regardless of handicap.

Mariager Saltcenter
- Mariager

Experience Mariager Saltcenter at the cozy docks by Mariager Inlet. Here you will step into a world of salt, watch as they sew salt in the hut and take a walk in the "saltmines".

- Mariagerfjord

It is not without reason, that Mariager Inlet is called the most beautiful inlet in Denmark. A real beauty spot. Simultaniously the inlet offers angling in international top class. A unique combination, which has always attracted anglers from near and far.

Hotel Møllehuset


Visborggaard Alle 8, 9560 Hadsund

Phone: 0045 40447913

Susanne Rigsgrevinde von Platen Hallermund
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